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McNabb Law Attorneys at law in Knoxville TN


McNabb Law Attorneys at law in Knoxville TN

Business Law:


Establish entities, draft and modify governing documents; draft documents for the addition or removal/retirement of a member/owner in an entity; help business owners determine how to bring family members into the business while protecting the business from learners’ mistakes; assist in dissolving or terminating entities; litigate ownership disputes and disagreements about how assets are being managed and distributed; draft, review, and edit contracts

Banking & Commercial Law: 


Collections, foreclosure, loan modifications and forebearance; representation of banks and other creditors in customers' bankruptcy proceedings (no representation of debtors in bankruptcy)

Landlord/Tenant Matters and Property Management: 


Drafting/modifying leases, parking agreements, etc.; assisting with collection of unpaid rent, damages, and attorney fees after a lease default; handling evictions to minimize lost time and inconvenience for property managers; representing tenants in negotiating leases and/or lease

Condominium and Subdivision Development: 


Drafting and amending governing documents for the development and/or owners’ association; assisting with zoning and land use issues

McNabb Law Attorneys at law in Knoxville TN
McNabb Law Attorneys at law in Knoxville TN

Homeowners' Associations:


Representing owners’ associations and owners in disputes regarding land use, assessments, and other neighborhood legal issues; drafting liens in aid of collection of assessments

Other Real Estate and Construction Matters Not Described Above:


Draft deeds, promissory notes/loan documents, deeds of trust; draft construction agreements; draft development and management agreements, draft other contracts, assist with zoning, historic zoning and neighborhood conservation easement issues; draft, interpret, defend against property restrictions; partition actions; easements; adverse possession; mechanics’ liens, defective construction, vendor and supply chain disputes, breach of contract, bad faith, collections, etc.



Establishing conservatorships for those who are unable to handle their financial affairs and/or personal care; serving as Guardian Ad Litem to assist the Court in determining the proposed ward’s best interests; defending against conservatorship petitions when the proposed ward does not want a conservatorship.



Drafting and amending wills, trust, and other estate planning documents

McNabb Law Attorneys at law in Knoxville TN
McNabb Law Attorneys at law in Knoxville TN

Probate Administration (and transfer of assets following death):


And determining when probate is needed and the cheapest, least stressful means to administer a loved one’s estate.

Establishing and assisting in maintaining Opportunity Zone Entities (per IRS regulations) to assist investors and businesses in revitalizing under-served communities while deferring the payment of capital gains taxes

And much more…

McNabb Law Attorneys at law in Knoxville TN

We typically do not offer services related to disability, social security, and workers’ compensation claims; juvenile court proceedings; family law; and personal injury.

We are not tax professionals, but we can assist you in locating a qualified accountant to answer your tax and business finance questions.

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